O f f i c i a l S e l e c t i o n s + A w a r d s

All-American High School Film Festival
SE PA Teen Filmmakers Showcase (Best Actress Award + Best Picture Nominee) The Lift-Off Sessions U.K. (Audience Favorite)
Rome Independent Prisma Awards
Action on Film Megafest 16th Annual Film Festival

B l u e i r i s

s h o r t f i l m b y S a m i k s h a T h a k u r

Certain that the world is against her, a doubtful young artist ruminates on the quality of her work. But, when met with an opportunity to further her career, she questions whether art might be a passion worth pursuing at all.

Southern Oasis Film Festival
Ridgewood Guild International Film Festival
First-Time Filmmaker Sessions


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